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History of Travel

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Getting There

Getting There

Getting There

Select a steamship for your cruise of 1912, an around the world trip aboard a zeppelin or maybe the Orient Express to Constantinople? You can enjoy the beautiful graphics of travel history brochures or follow travel history.

Being There

Being There

Being There

You can select your favorite grand hotel brochure, check your invoice and select one of their menus for a fantasy dining experience; 1855? 1923? 1938? Travel through time with the paper ephemera. Like any trip it is filled with your interests; the art styles or fashions of the times, changes to passports, development of transportation or just take a leisurely trip and enjoy it all.

Seeing There

Seeing There

Seeing There

Visit towns and cities see their buildings, parks, zoos, railroad stations and aerodromes. Peak into the night life of cabarets and music halls. Brochures for theme parks in the 1910s. Risqué programs smuggled through customs in the 1930s. The newest architecture that we now consider classics.

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